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The ThrowMAX is the world's only flexible arm brace made of extremely lightweight material that fits directly on a ballplayers arm.

The ThrowMax is designed to keep throwers and pitchers from using incorrect arm/body movements. It does not allow the elbow to bend beyond approximately 90 degrees. 

There are 2 Velcro straps to hold the brace on & 3 flexible polycarbonate bars that supply resistance which provides instant feedback as to the correct & incorrect motion of a player's throwing motion.
The brace gives a player an immediate response if they try to shortcut a throw. 

Throwing a Baseball correctly is a basic requirement of the game,yet the most under coached skill.

Keeps arms at a proper 85-90-degree angle.

Provides Instant feedback

Creates muscle memory.

ThrowMax Sizing.

4' 6" or less Xsmall

4' 8" to 5' 2" Small

5' 3" to 5' 8" Medium

5' 9" and up Large.