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Deluxe Portable Outfield Fencing 50'


Deluxe Portable Outfield Fencing 50'

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Deluxe Portable Outfield Fencing 50'

This Outfield Fencing Package can be used on any Sport Field were Temporary Fencing is Needed.

This outfield fencing system when properly cared for will give you years of service.

Flexible posts on this deluxe package offer excellent injury protection because they flex & absorb impact 360 degrees & distribute pressure evenly to the fence.

Mesh Fencing on this Outfield Fencing Package is composed of Woven Polyester material Coated with Colored Vinyl to Seal in Strength,Durability & Color.

Mesh Fencing Features 3 lines of reinforced banding to secure fence to posts.

Reinforcements are located on the top, middle & bottom.

Mesh Fencing is fray resistant & can be field cut to your desired length.

Fencing Package Includes:

One Roll 48" High x 50' Length of Square Soft Mesh Fencing.

*6 pcs.-11/16" Diameter High Gloss White Pointed Flex Posts -5 length spaced every 10'.

Posts come with a Yellow top cap & a pointed bottom.

55' Yellow Anti-Sag Rope.

Anti- Sag Rope Clips.

6 pcs.-12" Metal Ground Sleeves.

6 Orange Ground Sleeve Plugs.

18 Quick Clips

50 Cable Ties

Sleeve Setter

Install Ground Sockets Approx. 10'apart.
Drop poles into Ground Sleeves,

Install Quick Clips & Hang fence.

Fence Colors: Forest Green,Royal Blue,Orange & Red.

How Long is your Fence.The measurements below provide Approximate outfield fence lengths assuming a center field depth is 10%-15% deeper than the foul lines.

You may Approximate your fence Length by Multiplying 1.57 by the Average Distance from Home Plate to the Foul Pole.