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Item: Segment Timer
SKU: 1239645
Segment Timer
Price: $1,159.99

Segment Timer is The latest in portable football segment timers.With this segment timer you can Program your practice schedule and workout drills.
Segment timer is Great for Track, Swimming, Basketball or off-season training.
timer has an All steel case with built in handle and storage pouch for remote programmer.

AC or DC with built-in, 8 hour rechargeable battery & Remote.
Segment timer Comes with a loud horn after each segment and 3 short beeps after each break period.
Uses 13" super bright LED numbers that can be seen for 300 feet.

Segment numbers are 8" super bright LED.
Program up to 99 segments from 1 second to 99 minutes.
The last minute always counts down in seconds.
We have even added a transition period between segments to allow for rest periods.
Comes complete with fence attachment and water cover.

Simply use the remote wireless programmer to program your schedule and it will remember the last entry so that you will not have to program each practice again and again.
Timer Counts up to 99 minutes, 99 seconds.
Weight 26 lbs.
Size: 33" W X 18" H X 4.5" D.
Features: Lightweight and Portable.One Year Warranty.

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