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Home Plate Halo
Item: Home Plate Halo Directions
Home Plate Halo Directions
Price: $0.00

Home Plate Halo Directions-The Back of the Home Plate Represents the Focal Point for the Baseball Diamond.
All the Measurements are basically from that point.

Using the right angle of a builders square Draw Lines out about 30' along the 2 Sides of the Right Angle from The Back of the Home Plate.
These are the Foul Lines.
The Base Line is 3' Wide.
Draw Another Line 1.5' From the foul line ( on the Batters Box Side ).
This is where the Halo will stop in order to be out of the Base Line.

Take a Piece of Cord approx: 30' long & secure it to the Focal Point.
Draw a 13' Radius in a Circle Between the Lines 1.5' from the the Foul Lines.
This Line Represents the Inside of the Halo.
Halo can be either 5' or 10' Wide.

For 5' Halo Draw another Line with a 18' Radius to the same Lines 1.5' from the foul line..you just made a 5' Halo.
For the 10' Wide Halo use a 23' Radius.

Concrete:Depth 4-6" with wire mesh depending on Your Region.
Be sure to allow for turf height approx: 5/8"..Sample upon request.
Concete to have a Broom Finish ( Not to Rough ) & let cure for approx: 2 Weeks.
Layout your halo from the Center Piece..Behind Home Plate & Weigh Down as you go.
Glue should be an All Weather type.

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