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Item: Home Batting Cage
SKU: *HHBattingCage
Home Batting Cage
Price: $299.00

This product cannot be shipped outside the USA.

Home Batting Cage-This batting cage comes complete with Frame & Net.
Home Batting Cage Frame is made of 1 1/4" Rugged Steel,Fiberglass & Foam Padded.
Dual 12" solid steel stakes secure frame into the ground for sturdy frame & net support.
Net is a durable Black Nylon with a 1" x 1" Mesh Size.

Frame & Net Included.
Size: 12' x 12' x 24' with arched tops.
Free Shipping !!!..
Additional Frames can be Added to make 48' & 72' cages.

Each additional Section is $ 20.00 to ship.
Cage Size (required)

* free shipping for this item

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