Batting Cage Frames

Manufacturer of batting cage frames.

Inground batting cage frames made of Heavy Duty Galvanized pipe

We build Free standing frames for indoor or outdoor.

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  • In Ground Batting Cage...

    In Ground Batting Cage Frames

    Single piece construction on all vertical members.

    With pvc ground sleeves the batting cage frame is easily taken down

    Frame is made of 1 5/8" Galvanized pipe.

  • Free Standing Batting...

    Free Standing Batting Cage Frames

    The free standing batting cage frames are Swaged for Maximum Strength & Ease of Installation. 

    Frame has Welded Ground Sleeves that sit on the Surface. 

    Free Standing Batting Cage Frames are built out of 1 5/8" galvanized pipe

    These frames are for outdoor.

    We can Fabricate Any Size Frame to Your Specifications. 

  • Indoor Free Standing...

    Indoor Free Standing Batting Cage-

    Indoor Free Standing Batting Cage Frame has rubber pads on the base feet to protect gym floors.

    Turns your gym into an instant indoor batting cage.

    Made of 1 5/8" Galvanized steel 

    Indoor Batting cage frame is expandable to almost any length.

  • In Door Ceiling...

    In Door Celing Suspension Kit

  • Retractable Batting...

    Retractable Batting Cage Frame

    Quickly transforms your gym into a multi use area with this retractable batting cage frame.

    Retractable frame is recommended for baseball programs with continuous usage.

    Frame is slip-fit construction with 1 1/2" pipe with thru bolts to fasten T and elbow fittings.

    Unit comes complete with everything you need to hang the system.

    Electric winch with buttom control,1/4" runner cables,pulleys,beam hangers,eye bolts,fittings,carabiner clips & pipe. 

    Sizes 12' x '12' x 55',12' x 14' x 55.12' x 12' x 70' and 12' x 14' x70'

    Ship via freight please call or email for quote

  • Deluxe In Ground...

    Deluxe In Ground Batting Cage Frames

    Frames are heavy duty 1 5/8" Galvanized pipe

    Deluxe In Ground Batting Cage Frames come with everything needed to set up a professional looking batting cage frame.

  • Batting Cage Frame...

    Batting Cage Frame Accessories

    List of items needed to build your own batting cage frame.

    Items include frame fittings,ground sleeves and cable systems.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items