Drag Mats

Drag mats are used to level out your playing field.

If your looking to drag and aerate your sport field we have the drag mat for you.

For that professional looking field we have an Assorment of Standard,Rigid and Cocoa drag mats

Drag Mats There are 30 products.


  • Rigid Drag Mats

    Rigid Drag Mats

    Mesh of these rigid drag mats has been rotated 90° to make mat rigid which helps maximize its effectiveness to smooth out uneven surfaces.

    Rigid Drag Mats come in 4 sizes to accommodate any size field.

  • Standard Drag Mats

    Standard Drag Mats

    These Steel Drag Mats have a Rust Resistant Galvanized Finish.
    Drag Mats ares Reversible-Use Either Side.

     Steel Drag Mats are used for Dragging Baseball Infields & Breaking up Plugs on Golf Course Fairways & Greens.

  • Infield Eraser Mat Drags

    Infield Eraser Mat Drags

    The flexible infield eraser mat drag material is easy to roll and unroll and can even be driven over without damage.

  • Field Conditioner...

    Field Conditioner Scarifier Drag

    Field Conditioner Scarifier Drag easily breaks up the hard packed areas.With the angles turned down field conditioner smooths a 6' wide path

  • Drag Lite Infield Drag...

    Drag Lite Infield Drag Mat 

    Infield Drag Mat is a hand pulled infield drag features a unique adjustable scarifying blade that breaks up hard packed surfaces. 

    The attached drag mat then grooms the infield surfaces to a “Ready to Play“ condition.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items